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 Round dancing is choreographed cued ballroom dancing and sometimes is included

at Square Dance Clubs. Dancers are taught the basic dance steps with a cuer

prompting a sequence of choreographed steps in time with the music.

It is beautiful to watch!


Waltz : Two-Step : Foxtrot : Rumba & more


Dancers of all ages enjoy round dancing.

Forget the mundane treadmill or a boring jog.

Want to exercise your body and brain?

Why not enjoy your workout by dancing to music?

This form of exercise is becoming more and more popular and there are currently

6 Round Dance clubs in Melbourne.

Beginner’s classes by appointment at most clubs.

Round Dancing is an easy way to learn ballroom dancing

Come along for an evening of fun!


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 Click on 13th Spring Festival Image:

 For Photos / Videos of our festival held on 

10th, 11th & 12th June 2022

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Photos of our festival held on 7th & 8th September 2019



Latest News


RDAV member, David Mallen, has just published 2 new Round Dance Figures books.  The books provide choreographers, teachers, cuers and dancers with an up-to-date quick reference resource of the most common dance Figures in (Book 1) Foxtrot, Two-Step and Waltz and (Book 2) Cha Cha, Jive and Rumba.  They are a great help for dancers who are learning new Figures by giving them the footwork, turn angle and direction.  Choreographers will also find them very useful when adding Foot Cues to Cue Sheets.


All 580 phased Figures are included.  If you are dancing Phase III and above, these books are a recommended reference.


The books are only available online from David’s Blurb Bookstore Click on the Preview button to have a look through some of the pages of each book. 


Blurb Bookstore =



Congratulations to Ella Whyte and Patricia Saunder 

for being awarded RDAV Life Membership at the 2014

AGM-Christmas Dance


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