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                      Cuer / Teacher: Coral Wegmann

          61 - 69 Pietro Rd., (Gate 2) Heatherton (Mel 78 G12)

  Monday Afternoons : 1.00pm - 2.00pm (Beginners / Basics)

                                         : 2.00pm - 4.00pm (Easy / Intermediate )

                                               : 4.30pm - 5.30pm (Intermediate/ Advanced)


I commenced cueing with Ella Whyte as my mentor in Mid 2010. I consider myself privileged to have been given the opportunity to learn this craft at my own speed with beginner dancers.

This fast tracked my abilities and allowed me to cue/teach almost entire sessions at an early stage.

In March 2011 Barry and I conducted an extremely successful 6 week Rumba/Cha workshop. After the workshop was completed several of the participants continued on and remain with us on Mondays.

In October 2012 we  successfully conducted a 6 week Jive workshop.

In July 2013 Barry, myself and our dancers agreed it was time for a name change.

Harlequin Rounds is the delightful name we chose with the consensus of our dancers and we looked forward to forging a new identity as our group continues to grow.

We have club badges and a banner that we proudly display at conventions and other functions.

Our dancers have confidently represented the club at State and National Square Dance Conventions and also Round Dance Festivals.

Regular dance sessions include dances from Phase II to V Waltz, Two Step, Foxtrot, Rumba and Cha.

Teaching beginners has always been an integral part of Harlequin Rounds and our regular dancers have supported and encouraged new dancers in a very friendly and welcoming environment. 

During Covid 2020 we conducted our club on Monday afternoons through Zoom. This initially was a challenge but as the year unfolded we all adapted to the confinements of our individual living/dancing spaces.

In 2021 when our group returned to dancing it was decided to continue the dance sessions on Monday afternoons. Barry and I were able to accommodate this change as Barry retired in July 2020.

Also in 2021 we celebrate the 10th Birthday of Harlequin Rounds. We enjoy and value the support and friendship every one of our dancers has brought with them.

Adding to this in 2021, Barry and I relocated to regional Victoria. This will by no means alter the current arrangement and location of Harlequin Rounds. Also we purchased a RV motor home in 2020 for future travel. This too has been taken into consideration and Harlequin Rounds will continue to meet whilst we are travelling. 

Beginners are most welcome.  If you require any further information please contact Coral on  0407 814 686 or cozweg@bigpond.com


 Coral  and Barry Wegmann Cuer / Teacher

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