3rd / 4th Birthday Dance Party 15th July 2022





We could not celebrate our 3rd Birthday last year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.  So we had a combined 3rd / 4th Birthday Dance Party on Friday 15th July this year.


It was a fun night with dancers and cuers joining us from other Round Dance Clubs.  Our annual ‘Introduction to Round Dancing’ event was held a fortnight before, so we even had some beginner’s joining-in the celebrations.


The evening commenced with our favourite dance tune – a Phase 4 Rumba/Two Step to the 1962 tune of ‘Suspicion’ by Terry Stafford.  (See the video below.)  Coral, from Harlequin Rounds, cued some dances and Alison ‘hash-cued’ a basic Rumba so the beginners were not left out.


A table of supper was brought out at about 9 o’clock.  This was the first time this year we have been allowed to bring food into the hall and mingle closer than 1.5m!  The party continued well passed the nominated 10pm finish time.






                                                                                                                                     Teachers, Alison & Phil, with the Pandas




Dance Videos



                                                        Suspicion (Rumba /Two Step)                                  I Need More of You (Foxtrot)





Panda Rounds held its first Virtual Dance via Zoom on Thursday evening 9th April.  Most members tuned in on a range of different Windows, Android and Apple computers, tablets and phones and had to set them up so they could be seen while dancing.  It took a while to get used to the different screen views and to set up the music. A Bluetooth speaker certainly helped the tablets and phones.  All participants had to have their microphones muted while the dance was being cued.


Once everything was working satisfactorily, the teachers, Alison and Phil, cued some rumbas, cha chas, waltzes and foxtrots for everyone to dance to.  Most devices had multiple screens so we could see each other dancing.  For some it was the first time they had to round dance without a partner!  It was amazing to see what the dancers could do in a small space.  The dancing finished at about 7.45pm and everyone sat around having supper and a chat.  Alison plans to continue the virtual dancing every Thursday and Friday evening.


Panda’s Christmas Dance : 2019


Friday 20th December & 40°C


Panda’s First Birthday Dance

July 2019




Introduction to Round Dancing

Saturday 4th May 2019

Panda Rounds – Introduction to Round Dancing – May 2019

The Panda Rounds Round Dance Club held a Knox Zest4Life Over 55s “Introduction to Round Dancing” event on Saturday afternoon 4th May in the Boronia Progress Hall.  Over 50 people came along to find out what Round Dancing is all about.  It is cued ballroom dancing and teacher, Alison, taught us some basic Rumba steps.  Within an hour we were all dancing round the hall to music.  We had done our first Rumba round dance!


After the break she showed us a few more steps and we soon felt like experts.  We finished with a couple of dances that included all the moves we had been taught.  What an enjoyable afternoon it was.  One dancer was overheard as she was leaving, “Wow!  That was such fun.  I’m coming back for more.” Alison was assisted by her partner, Phil, and Panda Rounds experienced dancers, David, Glenys, Yvonne, Mounir, Dale, John and Jane.

Panda Rounds – Introduction to Round Dancing


                                        Butterfly                                        Fenceline                                             Lariat
                                   New Yorker                                Progressive Walk 6                                           Side Corté


Special Visitors

3rd May 2019


On Friday 3rd May we had some special visitors.  Mariko from Tokyo, Japan, was brought to our Club by Doona.  She was visiting Australia and Doona met her at a square dance in Tasmania.


Ex-Victorians (now Queenslanders), Glenis and Derek, joined us for a dance.  They were brought by Ella from Sunnyside Rounds.  (Sunnyside Rounds at Heatherton has been running for over 60 years.)  Ella even cued a couple of dances for us!

                                    David & Mariko                                     Doona & Mariko             Mariko & Rob
                                                   Doona, Mariko & Alison

                              Ella, Glenis & Derek

2018 Christmas Dance

Friday 21st December





The new Panda Rounds Round Dance Club had its Christmas Dance on Friday 21st December in the Boronia Progress Hall.  It was a fun night with over 30 dancers celebrating the end of their first year.  As well as Panda’s Cuer/Teacher, Alison, they had two guest Cuers:  Ella, from Sunnyside Rounds, and Coral, from Harlequin Rounds.  There was a range of tunes at various dance levels so that everyone was catered for.  Alison even choreographed and cued some new Christmas dances just for her beginners!  Boney M’s ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ Phase 3 rumba was a favourite.


A Panda Rounds member said “We have learned so much in 6 months.  It was great to meet dancers and Cuers from other Melbourne clubs and see new dance figures that we will probably be taught next year.”


‘The Panda’ was present to keep an eye on proceedings.  After the dancing finished the guest Cuers were thanked, the visiting dancers were thanked for their support and 4 experienced dancers, Christine, Graeme, Glenys and David got a special mention as they have helped Alison and Phil establish and run the new club this year.






   Alison thanking the Guest Cuers, Coral and Ella                                                                                           Round Dancing at Panda Rounds Christmas Dance    






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